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HayfeverMedicine is 100% plant based in the form of a tincture. A tincture is a concentrated liquid extract from a plant and is preserved in alcohol to maintain the plant's active constituents.

HayfeverMedicine is easy to digest, safe, easy to carry around and is actually good for you. Most hayfever drugs have a negative effect on the immune system and often cause drowsiness however our natural medicine works in harmony with the body to build up natural resistance to pollen and infection and helps to keep you healthy and strong.

HayfeverMedicine has powerful antihistamine and antiallergic qualities providing total relief from all symptoms of allergic rhinitis and hayfever.


Elderflower for hayfever remedies Elderflower
Stops the sneezing

Reduces the severity of hayfever by making the lining of the nose and throat healthy and strong therefore preventing the allergic reaction to pollen.
Goldenrod for hayfever remedy Goldenrod
Stops the irritation of the nose and throat

Is anti inflammatory, anti catarrhal and helps allergic rhinitis and other hyper sensitivity conditions.

Eyebright for hayfever relief Eyebright
Stops itchy eyes

Powerful antihistamine. Fantastic for itchy eyes and ends chronic sneezing.
Nettle natural herbal remedy for hayfever relief Nettle
Nettle Stops the allergy to pollen

Its anti allergic action also helps with the asthmatic type symptoms associated with hayfever as well as itchy skin conditions from grasses etc.

Natural hayfever remedies alternative plant medicine Goldenseal
Stops runny noses

Dries up the mucous lining in the nose and back of throat and makes it strong and healthy therefore preventing streaming noses and sneezing.
Natural antihistamine for hayfever relief Echinacea
Strengthens the immune system generally

Immune enhancing, infection prevention, anti inflammatory and anti catarrhal. Great for preventing itchy eyes from turning into conjuntivitis



This is a 100% natural plant based hay fever remedy for relief from hay fever symptoms. Natural hayfever tincture for treatment and cure. We can provide bespoke, safe remedies for hayfever in children and in pregnancy. A natural herbal medication plant based tincture with natural antihistamine. It is a very effective alternative hayfever medicine and herbal remedy for seasonal rhinitis.